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My Billboard Contest Winner Cat Art

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My Billboard Contest Winner Cat Art

… and the winner is …

Happy to announce that my Let’s Be Homebodies cat painting was selected as one of the Contest Winner by the jury of Fine Art America on the 2021 Billboard Contest, and will be appearing on a Billboard in the fall of 2021 throughout United States, in one of the major metropolitan areas e.g. Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta etc.. )

Thank you so much for everyone who voted for my 3 paintings ( Bougainvillea in Obidos Portugal and Ocean Spirit ) to help me to reach the required votes to became one of the finalists from the thousands of contestants, and big thanks also to the panel of judges of Fine Art America to select my cat art!

Let’s be homebodies is the title of my cat paintings I made at the beginning of the pandemic, related to the current situation we suddenly found ourselves with the coronavirus outbreak.

From the description:
Just another tranquil day for these five beautiful cats, who are enjoying their usual view in the sunny windows sill and also the safety of their home. I received a lovely photo very timely, so my painting can tell us an important message. If they can do it and practice as a lifestyle against their nature, so can we, at least till is needed in these difficult times. Stay safe and stay at home, Let’s Be Homebodies! Protect your community, your family, friends and loved ones, so then we can embrace soon the beauty of the world again.. Together…

I am super happy that my watercolor kitties will make it from the safety of the room till a Billboard in the US!

Direct link to the Let’s Be Homebodies cat painting : https://fineartamerica.com/featured/lets-be-homebodies-dora-hathazi-mendes.html

Congratulations to all the 20 Winners!

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